I experimented with the design of posters, for a museum's communication campaign during a change of exhibitions.

Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection
Service provided
Graphic design
February 2022

From January 19 to February 14, the Bourse de Commerce was in motion to prepare the Charles Ray exhibition. The museum implemented a communication strategy during this period aimed at promoting the strengthening of cultural mediation, by enriching the offer of guided tours, film screenings, workshops for young audiences, etc. This project is an experiment aimed at creating a series of posters for the Bourse de Commerce during its transition period during the renewal of its exhibitions.

Art direction

The Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection is one of my favorite museums. I particularly like the refined style of the building and its collections.

To create these posters, I decided to transcribe the vibe conveyed by the museum.

I used the same codes as their existing website and communication to create very simple but singular and easily identifiable visuals.

The aim was to subtly promote without making "too much".

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